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eBook Creation and eBook Publishing Services

Electronic eReaders like the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo are no longer “the wave of the future.” The future is now here, and eBook creation, publishing, and distribution should be an important consideration as you prepare your book for production.

Today, having your book only available in print will reach just half of your available audience, so you’ll want to increase your sales by having your book available in any format your potential readers prefer!

Cross-Platform File Preparation

Our eBook conversion services will transform your book’s final pages into ePUB and ePDF formats – the two most prevalent electronic book formats used by a wide variety of eReaders. We can also convert your book into KF8 and Apple-compatible formats. 

If you need fixed layouts, embedded We can also convert your book into KF8 and Apple-compatible formats. If you need fixed layouts, embedded video and music, or other enhancements to your electronic book, we can provide those services to you as well.

eBook Conversion

File creation is critical in today’s eReader world. Corrupt files equal low (or no) readership. Digiflexx stays current on the latest file-development processes and requirements of the various eReaders in the market today and can offer exceptional eBook publishing services with this in mind.

If you give us your book, we’ll create ePUB and ePDF files, including proper tagging and online search capabilities, to make your eBook-publishing experience seamless and help maximize your eBook distribution potential.

There are 2 Options Available:

1 – All you have to do is provide us the material to go in it, including copyright free images, or we can source copyright free images for you whereby the final pricing will be adapted to accommodate this. 

2 – You supply us the fully developed ebook in PDF or Word and we will format as in the ebook services above.